Living Area and Balcony


A large glass and steel door lead into the large living area which in turn leads out onto the balcony through a large glass sliding door. Linen curtains and two large sumptuous linen armchairs occupy one corner of the room. Opposite is a wonderfully crafted solid oak futon which can be used as a sofa on which to snuggle up or even a very comfortable double bed. There are bright ceiling lights as well as porcelain accent lighting for a cosy or romantic evening in. A beautiful chest of drawers, art work and soft textiles ensure a light tranquil space which belies the central London location of the Den.


The large floor to ceiling windows provide the space with plenty of light and stepping out onto the adjoining balcony allows you a view of London’s roof tops. It’s a beautiful space for a drink on a warm summers eve.


Linen, cotton and solid oaks dress the solid oak floors. The lighting cane regulated on entering through a ‘lighting loop’, with light bringing some prints alive. The balcony can comfortably accommodate two people seated with a table. It is the perfect spot for a evening drink.